Yogaware® Clothing

Handmade By Us, Just For You.

photo of 5 people doing headstand

Our models are students of Iyengar yoga with varying levels of experience.

Yogaware® yoga clothing is designed to be comfortable, provide freedom of movement and give coverage where needed. Made of 100% cotton or cotton blend.

Women's Legband™
Yoga Shorts

photo of 3 women in yoga shorts, 2 are helping the 3rd do a warrior pose

Carnation™ Top

photo of 5 women wearing the carnation top

Men's Legband™
Yoga Shorts

photo of man wearing yoga shorts and doing table pose
Legband™ Yoga Shorts now available in: Classic Original, Mid-Thigh and Above-Knee lengths.
girl doing tree pose
Lucy often practices yoga with her mom.

Kids Shorts & Girls Carnation™ Tops
are available by special order.
Contact us for more information.

girl doing twist next to dog statue
Photo by Lynlee Sky, owner Yoga Practice Center LLC